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Who rules in your life.?

How to become the leader of your life without the ego.

It is necessary to transcend the phenomenal "I"

It is important to leave behind the temporal "I"

It is necessary to let go of the circumstantial " I "

To understand the real meaning of our natural being".

Who is leading your life?

Thought patterns have a big influence on our lives.

Many people are not aware of the effect they have, Every time you have a thought you produce feelings, attitudes, words and actions that create a story or painting of your life.

According to the ancestral wisdom of Andean/Amazonian philosophy, these concepts help us understand our inner selves. The first concept is called "Uchuy Noqa" in the Quechua language. It refers to the "Little I," which emerges from the phenomenal reality of time and space.

It is temporary because it is attached to the law of the universe and is circumstantial because it is below the law of causality.

The second concept in Andean philosophy is "Illa" meaning "Light" or "Spirit", our essence.

It is important to be aware of where our thoughts and ideas originate from, either from our ego or our spirit.

"The majority of people aren't aware of how to transcend the little "I" or "Ego," and often their lives are led by this illusory identification."

I remember now how many times I missed new chances in my life.

One clear example was when I wanted to get a job, On my way to the interview, an internal dialogue started playing in my mind. It made me think that I was not prepared for this job and that maybe this position was not for me. I felt insecure, anxious and tense in my body. All these thoughts were emerging from my little "I". Sometimes, I was able to ignore this thought, but the Ego always found a way to trap me."

All the decisions we make in life are driven by our emotions and feelings at those particular moments.

Unfortunately, most of the time, stress and anxiety play a significant role in influencing our actions. This can be quite risky, especially in situations where we're dealing with investments or negotiations in business, arguing with our partner in a relationship, or trying to live a healthy life by taking care of our bodies.

In times of crisis, new opportunities can arise. By realizing who you are, you can overcome false beliefs and traps.

In our school of empowerment, we use ancestral maps and routes to guide us to awaken our lives and empower ourselves.

Using our daily tasks as rituals to reprogram our minds without adding more things to do saves time and energy.

One of the exercises you can do to start is by observing your thoughts before any action, and you will discover something very interesting this simple exercise is very powerful and can help you.

In our courses, we begin with a ritual that involves specific movements to connect with our body. Through this practice, we learn to observe ourselves and avoid being controlled by our ego.

"Take charge of your life and create your own story. You have the power to become the artist of your destiny."

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