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Self Initiation

" The Life Awakening Journey "
Healing - Empowerment - Growth 

The Path to Yourself: it is Time


Become who you are! 

Friedrich Nietsche


To “know thyself” has been the quest for many throughout history. 

Who are we? And how do we know when we know ourselves? Why even bother?


Humanity is at an inflection point. As our current system collapses - seen in the symptoms of widespread wars, climate and ecological emergencies to nationwide strikes, the cost of living and mental health crises, many are realising our way of living in the West is not working, and questioning the deeper assumptions it runs on. In turn we have seen the rise of different solutions and interest in spirituality. But how can we coreate a new paradigm that really reaches to the root of these challenges and helps us transform them?


There are answers lying, though largely until now hidden from sight, in ancient wisdom. This is a time that has been foretold by our ancestors, who also predicted a period of restoration of balance. Yet it is not inevitable - we cannot wait for the government, corporations or anyone else to save us. We have to choose to create a new way.


The Path to Yourself: the first stage of Self Initiation.


Brought to you by Leo Diez, Shamanic Therapist & Empowerment Coach, this course is known as the Path of the Serpent. Guided by the ancient teachings of the Andes and the Amazon, and powerful practices that are integrated into our modern lives, we unravel the layers of labels and stories of our conditioning to be reunited with our true essence.


Who is driving your life?


Imagine existing in your purity: where whatever the noise outside, you can orient yourself, redirecting back to your power. Many of us spend our days wrapped up in drama, or perhaps not really knowing where we are going or why, or thinking we do only to find out it’s not quite it. Look no further than the stress-ridden state of our society based on short-term superficial fixes that promise “happiness” at the expense of true fulfilment. In this course we explore how to go beyond dogma and drama - to live consciously, differentiating between our ego identities and our existence - living from the inside out instead of the outside in.


Understanding and clearing the landscape of your life


To create a masterpiece one needs a blank canvas. 


The first phase opens you up to a real relationship with mother earth, focusing on purification to heal the negative patterns, programs and false beliefs that are not working in your favour... changing this allows us to move through and up, so that we can evolve. Conscious eating and rituals - several of which fit into our existing daily tasks - help us to cleanse and clear old programs and connect to/ as our true selves and (interconnected with) the world around us.


Cocreating a new paradigm


Fundamentally, this involves discovering who we are in relation to “nature” and the earth. Where many meditation and spiritual traditions explore consciousness within us, these teachings are rooted in the ground. The earth, Pachamama. The land and its inhabitants we rely on to survive including the sun and earth as reference points and symbols of the masculine and feminine that help us to restore balance and reclaim our direction and destiny. Read more in our blog post here.


Integration is everything


This course isn’t just another book on the shelf or more information to cram into our heads. It simply cannot be, since it is integrated into our every day, and thus embodied. Through each ritual, we learn how to tread the path of the true warrior, to navigate the “matrix” and know our place in it.


You will discover: 
  • Existence activation: the sacred use of rituals to re/ consciously connect with the natural self/ nature, working with the ego

  • Self-healing with natural forces and the elements

  • Andean shamanism

  • Body-mind purification 

  • The art of existence 

  • Holistic practices

  • Movement practice (included in the programme)

  • Conscious breathing & grounding

This teaching has been transmitted by the Hamawtas ( Masters ) and Altomysayuk ( Sages ) of the Andean cosmovision to Leo with a lot of respect and responsibility. Places are limited to keep the focus on a small and safe space.


Who is it for?

Truth seekers, people looking to transform their lives in a deeper sense, evolve and reconnect with their true nature. To stop living someone else's story. Healers looking for a base to situate their knowledge and wisdom, or simply people who sense that there's more to life than the Western disconnected way of living. This is a holistic framework made up of conscious practices that will fit into your life wherever you’re at. Whereas many courses will help you with specific aspects, this will help you build a solid foundation that will reach into every area of your life, getting to the root of the patterns we have accumulated throughout our lives, to create a clean slate from which to create what is true to us and rooted.

How does it work?

* 5 week group program

Weekend intensive in SW London in June 10-4pm + 4 weekly follow up sessions via zoom (online)

- recommended for those who aren't based in SW London and would like a more immersive face to face experience.


For hybrid group sessions on Wimbledon Common & online, contact @school.of.empowerment or via the form below

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