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Awakening the body

Body, Emotion, Empowerment

There are days that you may look at your body and think that you need to lose weight, others days thinking about your hair and the clothes that you wearing All these thoughts come from an idea of not only what are you thinking at that moment but also the emotions behind those thoughts.

The way we perceive our bodies often

unconscious, causing us to disconnect from it and believe we have control over our lives.

When we are disconnected from our body, we feel unstable, The mind is always in chaos, Feeling stress, and Anxeuos, The physical body starts taking all the heavy loads affecting your posture and the way you move and behave.

One of the teachings of the ancestral wisdom says that we are Mother Nature", We are Mother Earth, we are the universe.

This wisdom belief that our body is exactly like the earth that we live, Our body is 75% water like the ocean, Rivers that represent the veins, The mountains the mind and the brain, The minerals the chemistry in our body, and even parts of the global terrestrial represent the organs and so on, It is very interested how this ancestral cosmology perceives the world exactly like our body, Interesting why this origination tribe from the around the globe are very respectful to the earth where we live. I

Let's start questioning ourselves for a minute

Are we aware of our physical presence? Who controls our bodies? Do we exist?

I’ll provide an example to help clarify my explanation.

Let's imagine that you own a car. Before you sit in the car, it is just a physical object - an empty vessel. But once you get inside and start driving, the car becomes a part of you.

Therefore, it is essential to take good care of your car by keeping it clean, checking the oil level, ensuring the water tank is filled, checking the lights, and even decorating it if you desire.

The same happens when you are conscious of being in your body is a deep connection from within.

So, the difference is that our body is a live organism and not a machine, This amazing organic being

is constantly working together like an Orchestra synchronising the whole body internally and externally to balance homeostasis to keep us alive.

When we start being conscious of our body and realise that it is our vehicle, Home and temple, we treat it differently giving the right attention, The proper nutrients for our cells and mitochondria, The physical movement to generate energy and observing the signal and noises that our body is trying to tell us when is overworking or internally collapsing so we can adjust with different tools or practices.

Then all those ideas from different beliefs for so many years making us feel the pressure of having the perfect body will disappear.

The conventional methods of burning calories and weight loss regimes have become obsolete.

When we recognize that our body and mind are interconnected, we can start to listen to the physical and mental signals that our body sends us. These signals might manifest as bodily pain or something like a headache.

The practice

Here is one simple practice but very effective that can guide you to connect with your body at a deeper level, but also help you to release stress and anxiety and to keep you present.

1.- Find a place where you can sit or stand.

2.- Closed your eyes and breathe naturally in and out

3.- Put your awareness in your breathing, Inhale from the nose, Exhale from the nose

4.-Expand your belly when you inhale and contract your belly when you exhale

5.- While you breathing start relaxing your whole body

6.- Now start breathing from your skin for count 4

7.- Breathing from your muscular system counting 4

8.- Breathing from your skeleton system counting 4

9.- Breathing from your Tendons counting 4

10.- Breathing from your orgasms, Lung, Intestine, Liver, Kidney, Heart, etc counting 4

11.- Start by scanning your whole body to find any physical tension.

12.- Once you find a tense spot, release it with your breathing by exhaling

13,- Finally Feel your feel rooted to the ground, Come back to your natural breathing and open your eyes.

After completing this exercise, you may feel different. However, everyone's experience is personal and unique. Some of my students and clients use this practice daily for empowerment and to energize the body.

You can apply this body awareness exercise every morning can help you to clear your mind and nighttime before to bed to help you to have good quality sleep, or also is very applicable in situations like high-stress moments.

In conclusion, changing our perception of our bodies can revolutionize the way we train, move, perform, and cope with life's obstacles.

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