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Open the door, For you to start living your best life, right now in this moment.

" Life awakening Coaching "



Taking Action Towards Your life mission 

Taking action towards your goals, healing and happiness is sometimes the hardest step. Its tempting to leave things for ‘the right time’ but in the words of one of my most favourite quotes from the Tao “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” if we don’t take the step now, then when? 


My mission is to guide you to rediscover your true self using my experiences and knowledge of Shamanic self-empowerment/Ancestral Wisdom, Medicine movements and natural therapies to help you in your new journey.  


For those who are looking for a 1-1 approach, and want to really dedicate themselves to healing, identifying personal blocks, and transcending limitations; I offer be-spoke coaching. I take this seriously and to be able to focus on delivering quality training, I am only able to open a few slots a month for this purpose.)


I offer training online and 1-1, in the format of a be-spoke package for your personal needs and goals.  Programs are from 4-12 weeks focusing on mind body and spirit.


Please contact me here for availability if you would like to book a discovery call over zoom where we can explore your goals and path for empowerment.  This is a free 30 minute call with no obligation other than to donate your precious and my precious time to seeing if this teaching is right for you.  


Shamanic cleansing and consultation ( 2 hours ) £100 (In person) 


- Online consultation ( 1 hr ) £ 40


- 5 weeks programme Therapy £ 500

- 8 weeks of programme Therapy and training £ 800


Sessions can be paid in advance or through a payment plan.


If you are having financial difficulties but really want to access these teachings then please look through my courses which are also very effective.  Occasionally I can offer some discounted 1-1 programs for people who are in financial difficulty on an availability basis.  If you’d like to join a waiting list for this please contact me with a bit of information about your situation and I will do my best to help.


Releasing and managing stress

- Anxiety relief


- Cleansing toxic energies


- Mind cleansing


- Body detoxification


- Mind-body purification


- Nutrition advice


- Healing


- Natural strength physical exercises


- Fat loss


- Movement medicine


- Rituals to help heal and set intentions


- Abundance rituals


- Prosperity rituals


- Spiritual awakening


- Self-awareness


- Self-empowerment


To book your free discovery call and learn more about this empowering method of connecting with your deeper self click here…

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