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Leo Diez training 

Vitality - Strength - Self growth  

Move - Heal - Expand

Training & coaching

I show you how to convert your stress into 'fuel'; transforming your health, energy, performance and overall physical & mental development. 


Are you looking to feel energised in life?

Would you like a sharper mind and strong body, ready for any challenge? 

Do you believe it can be possible?

I can help you to convert any sort of stress and anxiety to positive energy with my

unique method of training.

I work with all types of people with different stress scenarios from high profile business men and women, to parents with children with special needs, to professional fighters, pro-athletes, entrepreneurs, no matter what your stress or life situation I can work with you to convert this energy into something valuable.  

This is a unique method that I have developed using a combination of organic strength including: callisthenics, natural movements, functional gymnastic exercises, martial arts movements, boxing, kickboxing and somatics/breath mindfulness. This blend of training means we get to sculp the body naturally with the precisely correct exercise for you, while leveraging on the power of the mind as an additional tool.


Investment in your health is an investment for life "

Leo Diez Conditioning Coach, Martial Artist and Personal Trainer has been helping people achieve outstanding health and performance for 11 years. “ I have been able to help myself and my clients, to not only get exceptionally physically fit and mentally strong, but also to manage stress and obtain a more balanced life. This means they are more able to exceed their goals and overcome obstacles with training.”

My 11 years in the physical conditioning industry has taken  a wild journey of self-discovery, testing every style of physical training, disciplines of the martial arts, obsessively studying books, videos, attending seminars, workshops, courses...anything that could expand my knowledge! I started to become fascinated with taking a more holistic approach and incorporating mindset into my training. This led me on a path to study energy, metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, Natural therapy and studying with the masters of Andean Ancestral Wisdom from South America.

It's been a life-changing experience that has altered my approach to physical training and self development entirely.  As a result, my clients are more committed than ever to their health as a whole and as an integration of mind and body. This is exactly what Conscious training is all about!


 My 8 weeks programme includes:

  •  Organic strength

  •  Martial art movements 

  •  Functional body weight training

  •  Mobility 

  •  Boxing

  •  Kickboxing 

  •  Breathing Exercises

  •  Meditation ( Optional )

  •  Nutrition Guide

  •  Mindfulness ( Optional )

This is life-long, intelligent personal training for full physical and mental well-being.

  • Some of the benefits of this effective programme:

  • Take full control of your stress level 

  • Better performance for life 

  • Increase of longevity,

  • Fat loss,

  • Muscle toning,

  • A more flexible body, Self-growth and personal development.

Try something new today that goes beyond a fad diet programme and witness the positive transformation for yourself.

Here are some of my clients testimonials :

Testimonial, Andrea


Testimonial, Cassandra Cooper:

When we are able to choose the way in which we handle the chaos and trauma, we live consciously and understand that it is through the pain that we grow… A skill not so easily drawn upon in the heat of the moment! And so, if we choose to practice this skill of controlling our emotions, our responses, our instincts, we truly can master our lives!

This is why I train with Leo Diez, because it is through his training that I have learnt a new level of this mastery. His exercises are designed to give you the skills to flow with energy, to be centred, calm and still even amongst chaos.



Mitchel Vandurren:

I highly recommend Leo Diez PT methods. I have been working with Leo (as my personal trainer) a little over 6 months now, and I'm not staying with him because I want to be fit, I'm staying on because he helped me a LOT on dealing with stress.

I run two 7-figure companies, and have 3 kids under the age of 5.  He's leaving in a month and I will miss him like crazy. I consider him my secret weapon. Just wanted to give a little endorsement.

" Investment in your health is an investment for life "

" See immediate mental differences.

      See physical differences shortly after "


Are you ready ?

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