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Stop living with pain: How to start living in harmony

Updated: Jan 12

In our society, our daily lives are often full of tasks, duties, roles, and responsibilities. This means we are constantly in our minds, thinking. This leads to stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and suffering.

This relies on the neural networks created by the primitive brain region, the reptilian brain, and the limbic brain which are conditioned by old negative experiences.

If we want to have a life with less pain and tension and more energy and clarity, it is necessary to invest time and energy to transform our lives.

It is important, therefore, to consider a healing process starting from our body which is the reflection and manifestation of what is going on in our mind.

There are different ways to do this. The one I use in my programs with my clients and students is what I call the Life Awakening coaching and The Path to Myself course which integrates ancestral wisdom, natural therapies, empowerment movement, and functional rituals that can be applied in our modern day.

First, we can start looking at what is going on in the brain functioning that allows us to experience well-being and harmony by observing and evaluating our daily routine. A good example is the food we are consuming. Why is it important? 

Neuroscience now confirms that once we provide our neurons with specific nutrients and practice activities like physical movement or learning something new, we can establish new neural networks that help transform false beliefs and tension into joy, optimism, and inner peace.

Consuming the right nutrients is crucial for our energy factory. "Mitochondria'' are the parts of our cells where respiration occurs. They are influenced by the types of food you eat, the number of calories you ingest, and the amount of physical exercise you do.

Mitochondria are linked to the prefrontal cortex brain - the powerhouse of your cells and life force that many sages and ancestral wisdom knew a long time ago. They are also the conductor and regulate every cell ages, divides, and dies. It directs which genes are switched on and off in every one of our cells.

So when mitochondria are unbalanced due to unhealthy foods and habits this can create tension, stress, brain fog, anger, and frustration and lead us to react and get unwell physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How to start?

• Evaluate your daily meals, especially sugar

• Get rid of any unhealthy foods from your kitchen

• Apply cleansing practices like fasting or a diet suitable for your unique body and lifestyle

• 10 minutes of morning & and evening meditation

• Quality physical movement, Yoga, Martial arts, strength training, and active meditation. 

• Get a program to release false beliefs and negative emotional patterns

• Create a new vision (health, business, family, and relationship)

These are some of the practices that we include in our courses that can help you make this transformation in every area of your life.

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