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Cocreating the new, true, rooted Paradigm...

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

Free Retreat: 

Join us for a retreat with a difference - online 3 day mini retreat to purify mind and body that is integrated into your life

Image by Omkar Jadhav

True Abundance: for People and Planet

Abudance redefined: explore how we can thrive internally and externally via an introduction to permaculture - a system to design balanced ecosystems using the principles of Nature - and  ancient self empowerment practices to help embody abundance in our lives.


Self Initiation: The Path to Yourself

A journey into You, through the ancient wisdom of the Amazon and Andes. (Re)connect to your essence. No need to escape to a foreign land to find yourself. We start where we are, find our centre, the clarity amidst the chaos, our power to create the life we really want. You will be guided through powerful rituals and practices that make up an ancient system of self empowerment and map for your existence to know who you are and where you are going. Purify the body, heal, know your emotions and create space for your true vision, to live from the heart. 

Are you ready?

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