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Vital Ties: How We Can Start to Thrive in Harmony with the Earth

On how our relationship with the Earth determines not only our survival but our ability to thrive...

For many, the human body is simply an object. Some only see it in terms of survival, as a biological machine or to shape and show themselves in a certain way to others.

In reality, few in this society are really aware of their own body. If we were, we would not be overweight, or have diseases, posture or spinal problems. Nor would we be tired all the time, or inactive.

So what is the body from my point of view?

The body for me is where the essence of my being lives. In other words, my home. If I was aware of my body to begin with, I would eat coherently, I would feel what nutritious foods are according to my constitution and physical activity. I would observe which part of my body is limited, for example, if I have a cardiovascular weakness (tiring quickly), a postural problem, excess weight, muscular weakness (lack of strength), muscular tension (lack of flexibility), digestive problems or insomnia. If I played a particular sport, more specific aspects should be taken into account.

I would understand what signals my body is giving me - from hunger cues to "dis-eases" I might have. It has been stated that 70% diseases can be connected to emotions. I would understand that it is worth valuing my body since it is where my being manifests itself to live this experience of life. It is my home, my temple, my vehicle, and my tool to explore my accomplishments and feats as a visionary.

Many ancient cultures of knowledge and wisdom such as the Celts or Druids (Europe), Yogis of India, Hopi (North America), Toltecs, Mayas (Mexico), Mapuches (Chile), Inkas in the Andes and yet others teach us that the earth element is part of our body, indicating that mother earth is a living being and part of the universal intelligence and consciousness. Over (relatively) recent years, most of this knowledge has been lost, to the point that many people are divided or separated from the living being that is Gaia (Earth). This disconnection has also occurred with the body/mind. Luckily there are still people spreading their message of (re)union. And people are questioning whether things are working as well as planned…

How is our home, mother earth today? Could it be a reflection of the collective unconscious? How is the collective unconscious? More specifically, how are most people’s bodies? You don’t need a scientific study to prove that the majority are ill, obese, injured, tense, stressed.

“Tis true without lying, certain, and most true. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below.”

- Isaac Newton

The Hermetic principle of correspondence tells us "as above so below, as below so above. As within so without, as the universe, so the soul". This ancient concept features in the Bible “on earth as it is in heaven”, the Taoist concept of Chi and Harmony with the universe, as well as works of Isaac Newton, Jung, Plato, Pythagoras and Da Vinci. Narrowing down to this earthly plane, people who are not aware of or value their bodies are less likely to be interested in the land they live on and with.

Yet we can start by being aware of our existence and our body. This (re)connection will spread to the space or community we live in, and Mother Earth. We will begin to understand the land we live on.

And we will stop being a virus.

For example, what do we do in our homes or houses? We clean them, we put flowers on them, we plant plants and trees, we decorate them, we change things, we create a beautiful garden, we paint them, we take care to only let people we trust enter; we take off our shoes before entering. We protect them from insects and rodents, etc., we pour music into them. Some people even talk to their garden plants.

My proposal with this article is to be aware of our body and the importance of recognising ourselves as human beings, as part of nature. And to cultivate our relationship with mother earth. Here I share some tips, taken from the practices that I do personally and with my clients. People who have managed not only to be healthy and strong but also expand their consciousness. One of the ways that I have discovered to connect with the earth, heal your emotions and free yourself from all limitations that block you from living in harmony, is with physical movement.

These are some that you can start to apply and see changes in your life

- Purify your body - mind with a 16hrs (intermittent) fasting window and cleanse your mind with stillness practices like meditation

- Walk barefoot on the ground at least once a week. And/or touch the ground with your hands, whether gardening or just touching the soil

- Conscious breathing practice every day for 10 minutes

- Go for a run outdoors. Ideally in a forest, on the beach, or in a park. Take in your surroundings. Even 30 minutes per week. You can combine it with other workouts.

- Touch or climb a tree barefoot

- Ritualize your day with a gratitude ritual

- And finally, go out to plant any seed. It is much better if it is organic. You can do it on the patio of your house, or it can be in any available space

By applying these simple but really powerful practices you will start to feel some changes not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.

Let us know how you get on.

Thank you, Leo Diez

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