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Time for a Sun salutation

Time for a Sun salutation.

Every time we face the Sun we feel so good and energized...our body and natural being knows who we truly are.

Biologically, sunlight provides us with vitamins that can change not only the skin but also our metabolism, and chemicals in our body and nervous system... helping heal depression, confusion, and pain, and create clarity.

For our ancestors, the Sun was more spiritual for example in South America for the Inkas, Mayas, Toltecs, and Lakotas, In Asia Japan, China, India, and other cultures the relationship with nature was deeper.

The Sun symbolizes direction as a father archetype and male energy. From my point of view, it also is the reflection of the source of light and our heart.

This is the reason why in our school of Empowerment we learn to interact with the sun and integrate our divine direction and natural purpose using different rituals to help us to keep evolving as human beings.

Here is a reading that you can use when you are facing the sun. Affirming these words out loud is important. With your hands on your heart, you can align with the true nature of your soul.

"I am the sun

holding the light

All my dreams come alive

All my dream come alive

Pouring out with love

Pouring out with love

My heart filled with your heart

The brightest loving light

Ray of light, Touch my face and soul.

Reminding me that my heart is gold

And that I am always love."

Song/prayer by @artist_natasha_diez

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