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The Crown of Power is in Your Hands

Updated: Jan 12

The old belief system our society is built upon is collapsing. In the world today we see wars, economic crises, political corruption and social chaos. None of this is new. It has been happening for a long time, driven by fear, tension, and pain, reactions based on the"old brain". Wired for survival, this basic primal part of the brain is constantly scanning for danger and in charge of the “fight or flight, freeze or fawn” nervous system response.

On 6th May, we saw the King crowned in a centuries old ceremony that brought people together across Britain. A symbolic event which brings into question the theme of power.

This is not a conspiracy theory or to go against any of it. It is simply my personal interpretation. and an opportunity to look at our own sovereignty. My intention is to inspire and encourage you to activate your own empowerment and live the new paradigm of self-growth, joy, peace, and harmony. Instead of looking externally, expecting others to fix things for us, how can we direct this energy back to ourselves? By embracing our own crown of empowerment. This is self realisation.

To find your crown of self-empowerment, introspection is needed: where are you giving your power away? In the myth of King Arthur, he started a path of transformation with Merlyn guiding him to find the sacred sword - the symbol of inner power.

This myth is also very symbolic, showing us that we all have this life force that needs to be awakened so we can claim our own sacred sword. This can only be done through self-realisation and our internal power. 

When you remember who you truly are and discover your natural self you will be able to see clearly who is in command of your life - the old brain paradigm or the new paradigm of consciousness.

This is an invitation to sit on your throne of existence and realise that the crown of empowerment is in your hands. 

Start on this full moon.

Take advantage of this natural event using the light and energy of the moon to do some self reflection on your life by writing down about your beliefs that are trapping you emotionally and mentally. Write down what is stopping you to reach your goals and vision in life. Once you have written down your old false and negative beliefs, burn it before the moon light. 

The following day, write down your new goals - starting with your body. Maybe start a new healthy habit, physical activity or simply doing more of what you love.

If you want more information on how start the path to yourself and start living in harmony and abundance like King Arthur, get in touch with us. 

Happy Coronation!

By Leo Diez

Edited by Isabel Sophia

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