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Live and let live - Leo Diez

Live and let live...

Throughout my journey of my existence, I have learned and continue to learn to listen to different opinions and points of view and thus flow instead of resist. " When the bee flies around the flower receiving the nectar of life, The flower shares and gives without resistance " Living and letting live has become one of my life philosophies that I have understood from the teachings of the Sages and ancestral wisdom of the Americas.

Here I share a practice that has helped me to be at peace and live in Harmony.

- Sit calm and breathe

- Listen to your breath for a few minutes.

- Listen to your heartbeat and notice it for a few minutes.

- Listen without resisting, allowing thoughts to pass freely without resistance.

- Later, take this practice outside...listen to anyone on the street, at home or at work, Listen to it without resisting and just receive it without judging. This is a practice that I apply with my clients and students for personal empowerment and to allow the flow of life without judgement.

Leo Diez

Self empowerment coach.

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