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Life Awakening Practice:
7 day Mini Retreat

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: An Online Retreat to Purify Mind and Body

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The School of Empowerment is offering a free 7 day Spring online retreat, where we will delve into timeless ancestral wisdom to cleanse and purify our minds and bodies. A final spring clean before summer, that goes deeper…


In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves and our roots. By tapping into ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time, we can find grounding, healing, and transformation.


The purpose of this life-awakening retreat is to detoxify the chaos of the mind, allow the body to heal, empower yourself and expand your consciousness. Explore your thoughts, emotions, and body on a journey of self-discovery using ancient body rituals, physical movement practices and more...

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Who is it for?

This is for anyone who wants to start or continue transforming their life to be more conscious and harmonious. It will help with stress relief, anxiety, clarity, mindbody connection, cleansing, and healing - wellbeing as a whole. 

We will guide you through:

Ancestral Wisdom Teachings

We will begin by being introduced to the rich traditions of ancestral wisdom in particular of the Amazon and Andes. You will learn about the ancient practices, rituals, and beliefs that have been used for generations to promote mental, emotional, and physical purification. These teachings will provide a foundation for your journey of self-purification.

Breathwork & Meditation

Powerful tools for calming the mind and promoting clarity. We will guide you through various practices that have been used for centuries to help regulate the nervous system, cultivate awareness, presence and find your centre.

Movement & embodiment

Has been used for centuries as forms of expression and purification. You will learn traditional movement practices including martial arts, yoga, animal flow, embodied movement and somatics, to help release emotional blockages, promote physical vitality, and connect you with the wisdom of your body, and beyond.


Leo will guide you through ancient powerful and practical Shamanic rituals designed to help find our centre, our true power and rewire the subconscious.

Plants, Permaculture & Cleansing/ holistic lifestyle

The whole includes, and our health depends on the earth. Learn about different medicinal seasonal plants you can forage and how to incorporate them into your daily routine for physical cleansing with inspiration from permaculture with Isi.


This is not just about individual purification, but also about engaging and interacting. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences, insights, and reflections, and support each other on this transformative journey.


Monday 8th 7.30pm - 

Introduction session with Leo: cleansing and other practices

Tues - Friday

7-7.30am: meditation and movement

7.30-8pm: rituals (Leo) and holistic lifestyle tips (Isi)

(with Leo Tuesday Thursday and Isi Wednesday and Friday)

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th

7.30- 8pm: closing sessions: rituals

with Leo

Facilitated by:

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