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“Dad's Online fit camp”


A unique body/mind training programme based on ‘natural strength’

especially created for dads.


If you’re a dad looking to get your health back as well as some down time to refresh your mind then come and join Dad's fit camp - Online Personal Training , a 5 week natural movements/calisthenics based training plan set anywhere, delivered by Leo Diez (Physical conditioning trainer, martial artist .)

In this programme you will learn how to transform stress and use it as potent fuel to gain strength and remove tension all through using your own body weight.

I'm a father myself. I have a five -year-old son on the autistic spectrum, I know very well the difficulties of dealing with stress, low energy, body pain, tension and even depression.  This is all too common when we don’t get a chance to do things we used to love. This group connects fathers, shows you a new exciting and dynamic way to train, gets you into the wilds of nature and gives you a chance to alchemise your stress into positive energy helping you feel energise and strong, more relaxed and in control of stress levels.

I created this programme because maintaining vitality as a dad is vital.  Not just to keep fit but also to be able to work with your energy in an empowering way so that you are more in harmony with yourself and family and can enjoy quality time with your child instead of being exhausted... and off course have time for yourself in the process.

This is first time that I'm doing a fit camp especially for dads because I feel like it is necessary to keep us mentally and physically strong and that this is where we can alchemise our energy into real training with our bodies instead of losing it shouting at our children!

Benefits you will see on this program include:

  • Fat loss

  • Gaining natural strength and muscle tone.

  • Learning natural movements and calisthenics ( primal movements).

  • Managing stress and transforming the energy of stress into empowering movement

  • Releasing body pain and improve flexibility.

  • Connecting with your natura; strength .

  • Learning martial arts movements.

  • Team work, connection and stress relief.

  • Breathing exercise and meditations (optional).


As an option, I will be guiding a breathing exercise and meditation to balance the nervous system grounding us and preparing us back for the ‘back to life’ environment (: (No experience needed)


The training program includes the following:

  • Body weight conditioning exercises (Calisthenic)

  • Kick boxing

  • Natural movements for flexibility

  • HIIT training

  • Agility work

  • Speed drills

  • Cardio output challenge

  • Nutrition plan 

All physical levels are welcome. Now is the time to change some old habits and do something exciting that benefits you and your family. To join up book your place quickly to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

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